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IMAGIFORCE STUDIOS - A leader in the hi-tech production and communications fields is at the forefront of the next phase of the Internet, which is changing the way people relate to the Internet and Television. This new phase will truly empower the users by allowing them to be "In" the Internet rather than just on it

PROGRAMMING GUIDE - The new Imagiforce Interactive programming guide, now in development is being designed to allow viewers to quickly and easily take control of their television or online experiences in the future. It can- not only  help to provide an ideal platform for high quality information relating to goods, services, and information -  but it also allows advertisers to effectively reach viewers who have become a fragmented audience across the vast expanse of TV and the Internet.  

MULTI-PLATFORM-OPP - Advertising can also play a key role in multi-platform campaigns that extend across all the Imagiforce media properties.  While each Imagiforce platform has its own strengths, an integrated media program allows you to maximize the overall impact of your message by promoting it across one seamless brand. 

RESTRICTION CODES - Imagiforce is dedicated to supplying only high quality information. Our secret codes can also be programmed to allow parents piece of mind to know they can  restrict access to programs they don't want their children to watch. Personal codes can also be entered to lock out programs by title ratings or channel.  

To find out more, including how to become a member of our network - to receive affiliate related packages and /or free listings. that can scan across our media properties, please enter at the Advertisers Log-In area. 














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